Loss of a Spouse

The Support You Need, Every Step of the Way

Whether the loss comes from death or divorce, parting ways with your life partner can be a traumatic experience.

This transitory time can feel especially difficult if your partner took on the majority of financial responsibilities.

Even after sorting through and settling your partner’s estate, many financial decisions remain.

The main question: Will I be okay?  Also, should you move to be closer to family? Sell your vacation time-share? If your partner was the primary breadwinner, would you need to go back to work to support yourself fully? What's next? 

From adjusting to a new way of life and helping separate what is important now, we offer hands-on guidance to help you get back on your feet.

We can help you:

  • Take control of your finances without your spouse for the first time
  • Be your partner who can help you navigate those big financial decisions
  • Avoid emotionally-charged decision making
  • Create a financial plan for your and your child(ren)’s future

All one step at a time. 

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