Best Investment Habits


New or old, Clarity Wealth Development clients all have something in common. They have adopted smart, disciplined investing habits. Practice them daily, monthly and annually!

Daily Investment Habits

Simple day-to-day routines are key to investment success, for instance, saving a certain amount every month into long term accounts.   Being aware of how they spend and save may reveal patterns.  This helps them navigate the inevitable fluctuations of daily life with confidence.   Filtering out the “noise” and knowing they have a long term plan helps focus on the longer term goals.

Monthly or Quarterly Investment Habits

Successful Clarity clients evaluate everything in their portfolios not just their retirement accounts or stock holdings. This is so they get an indication of the Big Picture. They recognize that gains in one holding may be offset by declines in another, so seeing the big picture adds perspective.  Revisit savings strategies and balance their checkbooks or online accounts.  Revisit any auto pays or monthly contributions they have to make sure they are relevant and fit in the plan.  They also know how much is coming in and how much is going out!  Positive cash flow is the name of the game.

Yearly Investment Habits

Each year savvy clients take time to schedule a complete review of their investment strategies and goals with Kay Dee or Todd to determine the overall effectiveness of their strategy and make adjustments, if needed, to meet your goals.  Plan for next year, up your savings 1-3% depending on age and revisit your employer retirement plans for needed changes.

More Savvy Client Best Practices:

  • Start saving early! Today is not too soon! Saving for the future provides more options and less stress.
  • Establish good budget habits early. Set up separate savings accounts (travel, home, taxes, etc.) and take advantage of auto save features provided by financial institutions. Its easy and there’s an app or two for that (Mint, GoodBudget, Squeeze, etc.).
  • Don’t just rely on an app. Collaborate with a trusted financial advisor – earlier is better than later.
  • Establish good credit habits, pay off balances and be mindful of fees and incentives.
  • Consider investing in a home unless renting is more appropriate for your current lifestyle.
  • Consistently begin auto saving into a Roth or 401K. Be aggressive – save as much as you can when you’re young.
  • Just start saving. Its never too late.