Are you ready for some Moola Medicine?

Are you suffering from Retail Theraposis, Analysis Paralysis, or Money Mania/Dollar Depression? Time to explore financial pathology and diagnose your moola malady.

Doctor * Kay Dee Cole, CFP ® of Clarity Wealth Development and Nurse Practitioner * Jackie Shaw of Get Organized!, LLC will be on hand to discuss the most prevalent money related disorders, preventative measures, and cures. Join us for a fun filled hour and take back our financial health.

The truth is most of have more stuff than we need or can use. This stuff includes clothing, household goods, sports equipment, and gadgets. Other stuff that we have too much of can include shame, anxiety, and stress.

To cure financial disorders and immunize against them, we focus on reducing the impacts of shame and conventional wisdom through inoculations of awareness and knowledge.

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* We do not have real medical degrees, just a play on words!